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At the beginning of 2021, singer-songwriter and human rights activist James H. White sets out for Washington, DC to write a song in protest of the Beijing Winter Olympics. After hearing the gut-wrenching story of three sisters who were tortured in China, he flies across the Atlantic to talk with several experts, hoping to shed light on the stories he heard from the three sisters.


The more he explores the topic, however, the more he discovers that what happened to the three sisters, and millions more like them, goes way beyond the human rights of one group, and way beyond the borders of China. The deeper he digs, the broader, and more sinister, the story becomes… and it underlies everything, from COVID to media censorship, from politics to entertainment.


Featuring insights from some of the world’s leading human rights experts, lawyers, and heart-breaking interviews with those who faced, and survived, the unimaginable, James’ year-long journey circles back to where it all started, Washington DC, where James faces a stark realization that changes his perspective forever.



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Bitter Winter


The search for inspiration for a human rights song becomes a dark quest for truth about China’s agenda for the world.

Epoch Times


‘Canaries in a Cold War,’ a Powerful, Sobering Exposé of Forced Organ Harvesting

Vision Times


A Heart-wrenching Story of Unfathomable Evil, Media Compliance and Unwavering Resilience


Audience Feedback

So shocking and shameful.. beautifully done. Everyone needs to see this, it involves all of us.

- Rosella


- Susanne

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About The Director


Mathias Magnason

Mathias Magnason is a Swedish-born filmmaker whose life's work has focused on the compelling human stories that emerge from some of the worst human rights crisis in the world. The United Nations hired Mathias for his directorial debut, where he shot a documentary about a cultural exchange between two schools in Sweden and Malawi, southern Africa.

In his second film—“Article 23”—Mathias produced a 20-minute documentary that told the story of Falun Gong, the persecuted spiritual group in China. At a time when no one else would touch the subject, Mathias was able to get it aired on broadcast TV in Sweden. In 2010, Mathias moved to the US and founded Magnason Film to continue making impactful documentaries, including the multi-award winning short documentary, Defiance in the Kingdom of Fake News.



Teenager Xinyang Xu
Teenager Xinyang Xu

Teenager Xinyang Xu holds a photo of her deceased father, who was tortured to death in China for this faith in Falun Gong.

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Sir Geoffry Nice at the China Tribunal
Sir Geoffry Nice at the China Tribunal

Sir Geoffry Nice, featured in this documentary, presents during a China Tribunal panel.

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Chunling Ma
Chunling Ma

Chunling, one of the three sisters, meditates in a park in 2021.

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China Tribunal Panel
China Tribunal Panel

The China Tribunal panel hears the witness and survivor testimonies.

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Exclusive Footage
Exclusive Footage

Video evidence of the early crackdown against Falun Gong, around 1999-2001 in Tiananmen Square, China.

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James and the Ma Sisters
James and the Ma Sisters

James sits with the three Ma sisters, as they explain the torture they survived in China's labor camps and prisons.

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Jim Wong
Jim Wong

Hong Kong activist Jim Wong makes a public stand through his Youtube channel.

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James Visits Port Jervis
James Visits Port Jervis

James begins his journey.

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